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There’s nothing Electropin’s DFM experts like more than a challenge. So reach out to us, tell us your manufacturing goals and restraints, and we’ll work with you to figure out a way to get you the low-cost, high-quality pins only automatic die rolling can deliver. For us, the bigger the manufacturing challenge, the better.

How Good Is *Your*
Defect Rate?

If you’re machining your parts, you’re settling for a lot of bad pins. Your tools’ cutting edges dull with every pin, which means the pins you get at the start of your batch won’t match the pins you get at the end of it. If you’re tired of paying for pins that don’t match your specifications, start working with a supplier whose defect rate is just 1 in 600,000,000.

That’s right: Electropin can make half a billion pins without a mistake. Can your machinist promise that?