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An Innovative Custom
Contact Pins Manufacturer

Electropin is the only custom contact pins manufacturer to leverage automatic die rolling technology. 

Thanks to this innovative manufacturing process, you can get higher-quality custom pins at lower cost and greater speed than any other supplier can offer.

A Culture of Manufacturing Innovation

A Culture of

Electropin is a family business that has been developing innovative approaches to manufacturing for three generations.
Founded in 1943 by Bartley E. Hall in Connecticut as Autoswage Products, Inc., the company exclusively focused on manufacturing the pins used in fluorescent lightbulbs. In the years since, Electropin has expanded to become the premier custom contact pins manufacturer for many different industries, including automotive, farm equipment, computers, medical connectors, and more.
Today, Electropin is run by Keith Brenton, who has over thirty-five years of experience helping customers refine their designs to provide an optimal manufacturing experience. Since relocating to North Carolina and rebranding as Electropin in 2019, Keith and his team have refined and developed automatic die rolling technologies that reduce cost while improving accuracy. Today Electropin can manufacture 600,000,000 pins without a single defect, a feat no other manufacturer can even approach.

Our History

The Beginning

The Beginning

Autoswage Products, Inc., is founded in 1943 to manufacture lightbulb pins using cold-forming techniques.

The Breakthrough

The Breakthrough

Rebranded as Electropin, the company’s innovative team develops unique ways of using automatic die rolling to manufacture a broad array of custom contact pins.

The Transformation

The Transformation

Electropin can make custom contact pins faster, at lower cost, and at higher quality than any competitor can offer.

The Power of
Automatic Die Rolling

No other custom contact pins manufacturer can compete with Electropin on price, quality, or speed because no other supplier leverages the power of automatic die rolling. This technology is based on pushing a raw material into a custom die and forcing that material to conform to the shape of the die.
Automatic die rolling eliminates the problems that plague machining. With no cutting, automatic die rolling produces no blunted parts or scrap you’re paying to send straight to the scrapyard. And with no need to heat or cut the material, you can get as many as five custom connector pins a second. 
So if you’re tired of compromising on your pins, you’re ready for a custom contact pins manufacturer that delivers the pin you need every single time.

The Power of Automatic Die Rolling