Welcome to Electropin Technologies, LLC

High Quality Contact Pins, Connector Pins and Small Metal Parts at Less Cost

Electropin Technologies, LLC is a modern company that’s roots come from a trusted manufacturer of contact pins, connector pins, and specialty electronic and mechanical small metal parts that was in Shelton, Connecticut for nearly 75 years. That company, developed a proprietary cold form rolling process and built a reputation for providing both small businesses and the world's leading manufacturers like IBM, Tyco, GE, GM, BMW and Apple with high quality parts at significantly lower costs over machined parts.

Electropin Technologies, LLC builds on that strong foundation with our unique process we call Automatic Die Rolling and we augment that capability with a Cold Heading department that specializes in small parts for the connector industry. Our move to North Carolina put us in a new, modern 10,000 sq. ft. facility that is 100% climate controlled and gives us better access to a skilled workforce while lower operating costs so that we remain competitive in a global market.

There are no screws, bolts or nails here but there are millions and millions of connector pins. Electropin Technologies, LLC serves a variety of industries including but not limited to consumer electronics, computers, luggage, handbags, automotive, lighting, locks, furniture, medical, and telecommunications.