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The Electropin Process

Electropin’s customer-centered process will guide you through the whole manufacturing journey to make sure you get the best possible pins at the lowest cost.

A Collaborative Process
for Custom Pins

Electropin will quote any pin design you have, but DFM experts are also ready to work with you to refine your designs. Simply tell us all the functionalities you need from your pin, and we’ll work with you to design a pin that performs and takes full advantage of the power of automatic die rolling technology. Electropin’s DFM team prides itself on its capacity for innovation, so the bigger your manufacturing challenge, the more we want to see your project.

A Collaborative Process for Custom Pins

The Cold-Forming

Don’t know if cold-forming is the best manufacturing technique to meet your needs? That’s OK! We’ve developed this customized process to help you get the high-performing pins you need without sacrificing any functionality.


Step 1: Discuss Your Performance Needs

Meet with an Electropin DFM expert to tell us everything you need your custom connector pin to do and when you need your first delivery.


Step 3: Create a Die Mold

Electropin’s experts will create the tools needed to cold-form custom connector pins to your specifications.


Step 2: Refine
the Design

If cold-forming is feasible for your pin, an Electropin engineer will work with you to refine your design to achieve all the functionality you need at minimal cost.


Step 4: Cold-Form Your Parts

Electropin will begin to manufacture your parts in as little as two weeks, delivering batches of pins on the timeline that works for you.