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The ADR process has allowed Electropin Technologies, LLC to be perhaps the only company in the world to have produced over one billion parts with zero defects for a major computer manufacturer.

Our Automatic Die Rolling (ADR) process is unique, our machinery is capable of producing high tolerance, solid metal pats through a forming process. Applications for ADR parts are: Connectors, hinge pins, pivot pins, PGA, flex circuit, glass to metal seal, guide pins and alignment pins.

Any metal that is available in wire form is rollable in our equipment however, we find that the harder the material the better. Full hard CDA 260 brass forms much better than fully annealed CDA 101 copper.

In the die rolling process, round wire is cut into "blanks" that are loaded into a die that has the specified radii ground into each side. As the blank rolls through the die, the metal flows and takes on the shape of the cavity in the precision ground carbide die.

Electropin Technologies, LLC's unique rolling machines accept wire of most metals, alloys and hardness. Various pin-retention and anti-rotational configurations can be die formed along the length. Also, ends can be rounded to any configuration from radiused corners to bullet-nosed.

The ADR process is best suited for parts that do not have complex geometry but can have minor diameter changes (for parts with complex geometry see our Cold Heading page)((Link)). The ADR process can put features on your parts that are perfectly suited for mold retention, anti-rotation, and anti-pull out requirements. These features include stamped shapes such as stars, flats and inscribed squares, as well as rolled features like rings, grooves, angles, knurls, splines and threads.

The rolling process adds strength and durability to metals because it is more like a forging process where metal grain is moved instead of cut like when it is machined. Therefore it is a great choice for manufacturers who require high quality, close-tolerance pins. The smooth-ended, burr-free pins can be inserted, press fit, or soldered-in with precision and dependability.

If you're looking for connector pins, contact pins, hinge pins, electronic pins, pga pins, or electronic or mechanical small metal parts, Electropin Technologies, LLC's die rolling process offers you a high-speed, scrap-free metal forming method that repeatedly produces dimensionally identical pin-shaped parts from the first to the billionth.

Die Rolling Offers:

  • Repetitively accurate pins
  • Rolled to lengths up to 6.00, diameter up to 0.150
  • Tolerances held up to +/- .0002 in diameter
  • Various pin-retention and anti-rotational configurations along the length
  • Ends rounded to any configuration (from radiused corners to bullet-nosed)
  • Added strength & durability
  • Smooth-ended, burr-free
  • Precision & durability for insert, press-fit, or soldered in
  • Cost savings up to 70% over machined parts
  • Smooth, Customizable, Lower Cost than Expensive Machined Parts


Rolling eliminates the problem of burrs and results in smooth-ended pins that are excellent for low insertion force or high density connectors. Unlike expensive machined parts, rolled pins are free from grinding, milling or cutting tool marks that impair the surface, increase insertion force, and cause faster wear on your connector.

Electropin Technologies, LLC has the equipment and expertise to produce close tolerance wire pins with diameters less than .005" and over .150". These pins can have ends formed on them from a flat cut off, to a corner break, champher, radius bullet nose, or anything in-between. Also, flats, inscribed squares, stars, grooves and other configurations can be produced along the shank or on the end for retention, stops, anti-rotation, locating or other purposes. Several options are available to insure the pin will stay where you want it, whether it's molded into plastic, post inserted, pushed into a blind hole or used in a through-hole circuit board application. To complete the fabrication process and deliver a ready-to-use part, Electropin Technologies, LLC offers onsite cleaning, burnishing and metal plating services.

High Production Standards

Electropin Technologies. LLC has in-house tooling and equipment design. Production machinery is manufactured to our stringent specifications. Tooling is inexpensive, accurate, long-wearing carbide. High quality grinders, diamond wheels, CNC and EDM equipment are used extensively so that we can quickly produce tools to exacting standards.

Whatever your applications - P.C. boards, miniature and subminiature connector pins as well as standard .025 and 1.0mm, pins for low insertion connector pins, high density applications, studs, spring retainers, hinge pins, pga pins, guide pins, axles, dowel pins, or shafts - Electropin Technologies, LLC's die rolling process produces high quality pins at a tremendous savings to you.

Call (203) 929-1401 to learn how Electropin Technologies, LLC can help you get the parts you need. Or contact us online now.

The markets we currently serve are: Automotive, Computer, Telecommunications, small appliances, Large appliances, Heavy equipment, Light equipment, Semi-conductor, Power supply, Defense and Aerospace.