Innovative ADR

Keep in mind that the machines as purchased by Electropin Technologies, LLC had a maximum capacity of .025” diameter and .500” inches in length and the smallest part made was .020” diameter and .250” in length. To show our innovation we will highlight the largest production pin we make and not the smallest, but the most complicated smaller pin, our smallest pin to date is .006” diameter by .080” long and we produced over 15 million of those.

The small: Although we have made pins that are .006” diameter by .080” in length we are going to show what we term “The Honey Dipper” pin which the most recent tooled design is our smallest to date. In this case the customer wanted rings around the diameter of the pin that had a “barb” shape, or an angle on the lead in side but a straight back side so it would bite into plastic when inserted, like a barb fitting for garden hose. The trick here is that the pin is only .024” diameter and .178” long.

The Large: This pin really pushed the envelope on pin length, remember these machines were only designed to make parts up to a half inch long, this part is 4.500” long and .109” in diameter. Serious redesign of the machine had to be done and completely new ways to feed this length of wire were developed. This pin has a long section of spline on one end, a notch removed on the other end and a radius on one end of the part.