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Cold Heading is another tightly toleranced forming process for metal wire. Electropin Technologies, LLC began Cold Heading because it is a complimentary process to ADR in that it makes solid metal pins but has the capability to offer greater diameter changes and different shapes. Also, many Cold Headed parts require a secondary rolling operation to put in threads, grooves or other features.

Cold Heading offers the benefits of fast machine speeds for low labor costs and a forming process which does not produce any scrap for lower material costs.

Typically used to manufacture solid pins, bolts, screws, rivets, specialty fasteners, specialty hardware, and a variety of small metal parts, cold heading allows us to meet a greater range of your specifications for a single part. Specializing in miniature parts, Electropin Technologies, LLC's cold heading capabilities complement our cold form rolling process because it allows for tight tolerances and the ability to upset metal into a wider variety of diameters, thus expanding the product line we can offer.

Offering you a faster, scrap-free, and environmentally-friendly process, cold heading allows you to take advantage of significant cost savings and reliable repetitive accuracy over screw machine parts.

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Cold Heading Benefits Include:

  • Tight tolerances to 0.001" diameter
  • High Speed Production
  • Scrap Free
  • Preforms for our ADR Process
  • Environmentally-friendly