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Production to Assembly: Reduced Costs, Repetitive Accuracy, Time Saved

Electropin Technologies, LLC offers bandoliering to help our connector pin customers in particular save on costs, maintain repetitive accuracy, and facilitate in-line post-processing. This procedure puts pins in a metal strip (bandolier) that holds them parallel during processing, plating and finishing, and eventual assembly operations.

Bandoliering is used for several applications by a variety of industries including electronic connector pins, orthopedic pins, medical components, surgical components, military components, and more. Costs per unit are significantly reduced by this process. The bandolier ensures all parts are in ordered configuration and ready for selective plating, secondary operations and manual or automated assembly. This money-saving, time-saving process provides accurate repeatability, resulting in reliable, quality products.

Electropin Technologies, LLC promises you quality products and unbeatable cost savings, from 50% to 70% over machined parts!

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