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Automatic Die Rolling (ADR) is fast and accurate.

Screw machines are slow, inefficient, and create scrap, they have cutting tools that dull, and every part they produce is a little different than the one before it. It might not be noticeable from part one to ten but, compare part one to part one hundred thousand or one million and you will see what we are talking about.

Automatic Die Rolling is different, our process is high-speed. We can sometimes produce parts as fast as thirty thousand per hour, or nearly nine a second. Yes, it means very low costs and short lead times.

Another advantage on this process is: we don’t produce any scrap. Every pound of raw material makes a pound of parts. Every penny you invest is going back to you, not in our scrap bin! This is cost-effective for your company! 

We are the only company in the world with our proprietary manufacturing process which produces extremely accurate parts at low cost with less than 1 part per million defective. We have a documented history of producing one billion parts for a customer (over a 13-month period), and zero defects!

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